Wheel Throwing Pottery

 Our beginner's wheel throwing class is for those who want to know how to work with the pottery wheel and have fun making something with clay.
If you need a refresher, these one-time classes will bring back all the memory and experiences you had with the pottery wheel.
The lesson will be 1.5 hours long. During the class, our instructor will demonstrate making a sample on the wheel and will assist you during the session to make 3 pieces.  All tools and materials needed to make your project will be available. We would need 2 weeks after the class to bake your items and have you come back to decorate them.  You can select one of your pieces to paint/glaze for free. If you wish to paint/glaze the other two pieces, there will be a fee of $10 + HST per piece. An appointment is needed for the second time. We will contact you after the pieces are ready for painting. The allowable painting session is 1.5 hours to paint all of your pieces.

- We need a minimum of 48 hours for rescheduling or cancellation.
- Kids under 8 should have an adult assist them at no extra charge

5 to 7 Participants $60 each + tax (class size: option 1)
2 to 4 Participants  $70 each + tax (class size: option 2)
1-on-1 private class is $80 + tax (class size: option 3)

There are no makeup classes. Please make sure the class you choose fits
within your schedule.

Please note: all painted items must be picked up within one month otherwise they will be disposed of.
Please choose the correct class size for your group and set the quantity to the number of participants.
All our classes are private. We do not mix groups.